Why am I Running for Minnesota State Senate?

I am running for State Senate District 09 in Minnesota because our local senator (Paul Gazelka) for months has refused to confront Governor Walz on the extended unjustified lockdown! Also refusing to confront Governor Walz on using medical models from grad students at the U of M. All while our Governor sent COVID-19 patients to nursing homes, exposing the most vulnerable Minnesotans.

He then failed to adequately address the politicians in the Minneapolis swamp who allowed Antifa and BLM to act with impunity in destroying areas of the Twin Cities. Without any justification causing 500 million dollars in damage.

I intend to bring my work ethic, family values, and tenacity to fight for the innocent to St. Paul when I represent Senate District 09. Minnesota needs fighters now to help save the state and the Twin Cities from misguided politicians.

Volunteer to help send Gazelka back to his insurance job!

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